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Women's Health Diploma F2F courses now available to book!

Caroline Stone

14 Oct 2023

4 fantastic F2F teaching blocks to cover the lifespan are available to book in Lancashire (accommodation included)

There are 4 fantastic in-person teaching blocks (1 and 2 in 'year one', and 3 and 4 in 'year two')

  • You can book singly or all together and do them in any order.

  • You can fast-track and do all 4 in one year.

  • There is one 6-day clinical block available for blocks 1 and 2, and another available for blocks 3 and 4.

You get:

  • Deep dive into anatomy and physiology and 3D anatomy of body cavities, viscera, somatic relationships and how everything works together

  • function across the lifespan, including urogenital, obstetrics, post-partum, body image and mental health, menopause, prolapse, the third age and more

  • examination and treatment, approaches, self-help, pain science, patient-centred care, and a fantastic evidence-informed osteopathic practice skill set

Your course content:

Block One: 5 days, in person, live in-person, with lots of hands on. FEMALE HEALTH NEEDS ACROSS THE LIFESPAN – JOURNEYING WITH WOMEN

F – fundamentals of the endocrine immune dynamics and relationships to reproduction and bone health, circadian dynamics

G – growth – developmental, puberty, challenges of adolescence, interoceptive dynamics, understanding mental health, body image, and implications for recovery

H – homeostasis and allostasis, help with pain and self-regulation, hormones, hemispheres and health, understanding complex pain

I – intracavity and intercavity dynamics – pressures, prolapses and implications for fluids and function, organ position and more.

J – journeying with women – through menopause, cancer, medical management and operations, and much more.  Helping women across their lifespan. . JUST 3D OSTEOPATHY!

Block Two: 5 days, in person, live in-person, with lots of hands on.  PREGNANCY, BIRTH AND INITIAL POST PARTUM

A – alignment in pregnancy – the interaction between mother and baby – the maternofoetal affective domain and sensory negotiation for both – emergence of the optimal position for the dyad

B – biomechanics, relationships to maternal and infant cooperation, pain and problems, movement challenges, preparation for labour and delivery and challenges of birth,

C – compression, changes in shape, communication, challenges to fluids, pressures and visceral / physiological function,

D – delivery – challenges for mum, the pelvic floor, the pelvic organs, and post partum cavity dynamics, diastasis and dynamics of recovery after surgery

E – emotions, emergent changed sensory-motor post birth sense of self, adapted endocrine immune, enteric-microbiome, embodiment, bonding, breastfeeding, beginners guide to coregulation evidence


Lecture block one: (can be done in any order) this covers all the women’s health dynamics from adolescence, general urogenital (including the basics of fertility and the hormonal cycle), across the lifespan, menopause and gerontology. Option one: 30th October to 3rd November, 2023.  Option two: 12th to `6th February, 2024.

Lecture block two☹can be done in any order)  this covers all the obstetrics and immediate post partum dynamics, introduction to cavity dynamics and overview of prolapse. Option One: 8th to 12th January, 2024, Nelson.

To book:

£750 per bloc (clinical sessions are extra).


and for more information on the formal qualifications visit or email Caroline on

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