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Caroline Stone D.O.(Hons), MSc (Ost), MEd, MClinEd

Caroline is highly experienced in visceral manipulation, visceral osteopathy, osteopathic medicine and care of mother and baby. She is very interested in exploring how osteopathy might help people manage pains and problems associated with multiple traumas, complex pain, myofascial components of abdomino-pelvic pain and some post operative adhesion symptoms. Caroline runs courses and lectures in the UK and abroad, speaks at numerous international conferences, publishes books and articles and has a strong interest in research, evidence based practice and developing the profession.  She has been involved in osteopathic regulation in various countries, held Principal, Vice Principal and Head of Clinic positions in various osteopathic institutions in UK and has qualifications in education, medical assessment and elearning.  She is an experienced expert witness, and regularly leads various projects in osteopathic practice, competence and credentialing.

Whatever your training or professional support needs, we may have a unique solution - contact us to request a topic if you don't see what you need.  Bespoke training also available in your local clinic.

Please scroll down / see services page for information on all our areas of activity.  

Professional Services

Caroline aims to provide professional and training services to the osteopathic and other health care professions interested in manual medicine approaches to health and well being.

Her clinic and training venue are based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, in the Pendle Area - south of the Yorkshire Dales.  Training is organised onsite, and sometimes can be delivered offsite at your clinic / venue by arrangement.  Through her various projects Caroline aims to promote and undertake research, develop the evidence base for osteopathy and to improve public access to information regarding osteopathic practice, both actual, emergent and hypothetical.

Visceral Osteopathy and Osteopathic Medicine Training,

Caroline is a world renowned teacher in visceral osteopathy and osteopathic medicine.  A variety of courses in visceral approaches are available.

Many people have the impression that visceral osteopathy is equivalent to visceral manipulation - in other words that to help someone with digestive conditions one must manipulate the organs only.  This is not the case, and reliance on visceral techniques only in such cases brings limited outcomes - a general osteopathic, structural and myofascial approach to the biomechanical aspects of the body is also needed alongside visceral approaches.  There is no place for using visceral manipulation in isolation!

Caroline also advocates that use of the word 'motility' is confined solely to peristalsis of the hollow organs and it should NOT be used in reference to any form of 'involuntary motion'.  In this regard she is not in accordance with the teaching and use of 'visceral motility' if it does not refer to peristalsis or physiological smooth muscle activity of an organ. 

Osteopathic and manual medicine training for care of mother and baby

Covers optimum foetal positioning, pregnancy biomechanics, materno-foetal interaction, mother and baby settling in, lactation and breastfeeding approaches for osteopaths, plus more.

Separate paediatric courses are also available, utilising a gentle 'non cranial' approach.  Whilst many osteopaths use the involuntary mechanisms for babies (the 'cranial approach') one does not have to incorporate this technique and can safely treat babies without using it.  This approach is favoured by Caroline who aims to make paediatric work accessible to ALL osteopaths.  Her courses are also open to 'cranial' osteopaths' though as they contain much useful information regardless of technical choice!

Training for Pelvic Floor, coccyx area, pudendial neuragia (and similar), hip and groin pain management

Suitable for osteopaths or other manual therapy professionals.  Includes risk management, legal and ethical and consenting dynamics for practitioners wanting to help the myofascial and biomechanical components of various pelvic pain syndromes.

Caroline focuses strongly on the communication and consenting processes when working in sensitive areas and teaches a structured approach to managing this aspect of practice.  Caroline also teaches internal techniques for those who wish to offer this service whilst ensuring that those osteopaths who do not wish to use these techniques have a range of alternative external approaches for a wide variety of patient presentations. 

Manual medicine for the stomatognathic system -

Head, neck, face and throat

The head and neck is a complex area of the body, and for many presentations the role of balance, special senses, circulation and lymphatic drainage, neural convergence and communication networks is highly specialised.  

Whether one is interested in headaches, neck pain, thoracic inlet disorders, TMJ or speech and upper airways disorders,  suckling or swallowing, training in hands on care for this region can be highly valuable.  

Manual medicine training for non osteopaths / other healthcare professionals

Caroline is conscious of the lack of awareness in many healthcare settings about the osteopathic contribution.  Stereotypes and lack of clarity in roles and boundaries make inter-professional communication and challenge.  One way to improve this communicative barrier is to offer training and workshops on how osteopaths can work alongside other healthcare professionals, and has previously offered courses to Physiotherapists, medical practitioners and speech pathologists for example.  She is available for consultation in this regard. 

General osteopathic and manual medicine training

Caroline has over 30 years of experience helping patients with all types of presentations and as she combines general, structural and myofascial work in all her osteopathic medicine approaches she has a wealth of experience in training people who work with a range of musculoskeletal pain presentations and structural biomechanical issues. 

Caroline's work is not confined to the organs of the body!



Caroline  offers a flexible approach to learning and provides a range of online and e-learning approaches to supplement her extensive range of face to face courses.  

Some are available on a pay per view basis and some will be available on a subscription service. 

Individual professional support services are also available on request.  

Research Development and collaboration

Working individually and also in conjunction with the Visceral and Obstetric Association, and the College of Non Musculoskeletal Osteopathy she recently founded, she is developing a range of research projects to further support the evidence base for osteopathic and other manual medicine therapy approaches. 

If you wish to develop a research project we may be able to help.  Please note this endeavour will not give grants or other financial aid, as we are seeking this for our own projects!

Curriculum and assessment design and consultancy services

  She is experienced in the assessment approaches to competence and has led projects for regulatory authorities and other organisations to develop assessment and credentialing processes for overseas trained osteopaths in Australia and New Zealand. 

She is available for consultancy in these fields of work. 

Clinical services and patient care

Caroline is usually available for patient consultations on a limited basis due to her other professional and educational commitments.  Available appointments are in demand, so please email your queries.  

Patient should apply caution when reading through any course information  on this website as the topics in the courses are for professional development of osteopaths and other healthcare professionals and do not relate to claims of treatment efficacy for any individual complaint or patient type.  Osteopaths in the UK can only advertise their clinical services according to the guidelines published by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Expert Witness Services

Caroline has been an expert witness for osteopaths and other healthcare practitioners in criminal cases in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, both for the Prosecution and the Defence.  Her main areas of expertise are visceral approaches, sensitive areas, pelvic floor and internal work, consenting processes and general practice standards.   She has also been an expert witness in a GOsC PCC hearing. 

Osteopathic Public Information Service (OPIS) Project

This exiting project has been developed by Caroline to contribute to offsetting the challenges in discussing osteopathy with wider audiences, in rationalising the evidence base for osteopathic practice, and helping to determine the osteopathic contribution to healthcare.   Please check the OPIS tab / page for further information. 

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