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Women's Health and Paediatrics F2F courses now in Lancashire, Clinics in London

Come and join us for brilliant courses for all things obstetrics, infant feeding, postural dynamics for babies and women, menopause, the third age, child development, neurodiversity, primitive reflexes. pelvic pain, prolapse, bladder issues and lots more!

The courses all cover:

  • deep dive into anatomy and physiology and analysis of how osteopathic principles can be applied in women's health and in paediatrics

  • lots of examination and treatment approaches, lots of practical experience, and a chance to add clinical block son to enhance your learning

  • huge amounts of evidence, discussions of care approaches, risk management, patient consenting, and incredible insights into clinical and case analysis, including self-help, and patient-focused care.

Various course dates and options, and accommodation included for Lancashire options! Looking forwards to you joining us for your osteopathic journey


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